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I love writing. I especially love writing that is poetic, funny, or both; opens the door to discovery; and builds perspective, understanding and empathy.

Me at age 12, reading my poetry aloud.

I caught the writing bug in second grade, when I got an award in second grade for a poem. A poem that is all these things, and more. I think you’ll agree. Want to hear it?

My parents eat too fast
and I eat too slow.
They always finish in one minute
while I have one minute to go.

There was no turning back. As a teenager, I was a regular at the microphone during poetry readings around the city, reading my poems (which were longer by then). I was editor of my high school newspaper and literary magazine. My first job was selling children’s books and toys at Once Upon a Time Books and Toys in Rochester, NY.

But even though I wanted to write my own children’s books, it took me a while to learn that you need to write like an athlete—every day, and in top form.

When I’m not writing, I work as a diversity, equity and inclusion facilitator. I hold a Master’s degree in Education from Harvard University. And as a passionate believer in lifelong learning, I’m probably learning something new. I hope you are, too!

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Cedar Pruitt is a writer and editor who has many children’s books to share. She is represented by literary agent Mary Cummings of Great River Literary.

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