Yay! You’re here!

It’s so nice of you to stop by! Here are some pictures of me so you can see what I look like, whether I am holding a baby chick, being attacked by my children, or trying to think of a story idea.

I wonder what we have in common?

I live near a river, not far from an ocean and not far from a city.

Animals live in my house, plus there’s me. Oh, and my family. Did I mention animals?

There’s a 7-foot boa constrictor, four different kinds of chickens including one that lays green eggs, a flame-crested gecko, many species of frogs including the most poisonous kind on Earth, and also a sweet, crazy young cat who can actually bounce off the walls.

Some things I love:

  • Watching clouds move fast overhead on a blue-sky day
  • Riding my bike around empty parking lots
  • Drawing in pencil, especially everyday things like sinks and stuffies
  • Listening to stories, thinking of stories, and also reading stories
  • Eating chocolate

How about you?

Here are some organizations that I support:


I go batty for badges in Julie Hedlund’s 12×12 Picture Book Challenge. Every month since 2018, I’ve written a new manuscript and edited an old one. 24 badges a year! That’s a lot of witches and groundhogs and robots and bubbles. You know? A LOT.

(And other characters too!)

We Need Diverse Books

By day, I work for a firm that helps companies and schools become more diverse, equitable, and inclusive by creating cultures in which people of color and women are leaders. By night, I am a member of Families Organizing for Racial Justice. By all the time, I fight for more perspectives to be shared and more diverse voices to be part of the big conversations in our community. Especially in books for kids!


The Society of Children’s Book Writers & Illustrators is a group of people who love creating stories for kids. I love being part of it!


Cedar Pruitt is a writer and editor who has many children’s books to share.

Get in Touch

Reach out so we can work together to get more stories out into the world.